Whittier Courthouse Family Law Division Announces Courtroom Changes

Effective July 1, the Family Law Division at the Whittier Courthouse, 7339 S. Painter Avenue in Whittier, will implement the following changes: 

  • Judge James E. Horan will move from Department 301 to Department 201. Cases currently assigned to Judge Horan remain assigned to him for all purposes. 
  • Cases previously assigned to Judge Daniel Ramirez, who formerly sat in Department 201, will be reassigned to other judicial officers within the Whittier Courthouse. Those cases remain on calendar and reassignment notices will be sent to affected parties and counsel. 
  • Department 301 will close following Judge Horan’s move to Department 201. 

Counsel and parties are instructed to indicate the assigned judicial officer and department on the first page of all documents submitted for filing to ensure proper departmental assignment, calendaring of hearings and document routing. 

Please visit www.lacourt.org for all of the LASC updates.